Buffalo Sunrise Rotary Club's 
Support for Tow Path Park,located at the foot of Hertel Avenue at the Niagara River

This project aims to create a sustainable and vibrant habitat for essential pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Recognizing the Buffalo Sunrise Rotary Club's commitment to community enrichment and environmental stewardship, we believe your support can significantly contribute to the success of this initiative.

The Tow Path Park Pollinator Garden project aligns seamlessly with the values of the Buffalo Sunrise Rotary Club: emphasizing environmental sustainability and community engagement. By supporting this endeavor, the Buffalo Sunrise Rotary Club will play a pivotal role in fostering biodiversity, promoting education about pollinators, and enhancing the overall beauty of Tow Path Park for the enjoyment of the entire community.
Here is how you can help :) 
In-Kind Donations: If the Buffalo Sunrise Rotary Club has access to materials or services that could enhance the project, such as plants, soil, mulch, or expertise in landscaping, we would be grateful for your in-kind support.
Promotion and Collaboration: By leveraging the Buffalo Sunrise Rotary Club's influence and networks, we can amplify the project's reach and impact. Your assistance in spreading the word and collaborating on community events or workshops is invaluable.
We believe that with {the Buffalo Sunrise Rotary Club’s} your support, we can make a lasting positive impact on both the environment and community spirit. Your involvement will be acknowledged prominently, and we are open to discussing specific recognition opportunities that align with the Buffalo Sunrise Rotary Club's preferences.
Thank you for considering our proposal, and we look forward to the possibility of partnering with the Buffalo Sunrise Rotary Club to bring the Tow Path Park Pollinator Garden to fruition.
Monetary Donations: Your support will directly contribute to the purchase of native plants, educational signage, and essential materials needed for the creation and maintenance of the Pollinator Garden. https://www.paypal.com/us/fundraiser/charity/4384380