Bicycle recycling: We collect donated and discarded bikes (and occasional tricycles and scooters!), refurbish them, make any needed repairs, and distribute them to local organizations (Journey’s End, the Jericho Road Refugee Center, the St. John Kanty Youth Program) as well as several individuals in need. The hope is to provide transportation for adults, along with helmets and bike locks and bikes for children for their exercise and entertainment – all with the goal of helping to create a healthier, happier community. While most items are “found”, we do need to purchase some parts like inner tubes, bells, helmets, or locks to donate along with the bikes.
*Beautification Project - Tree-Planting along Grant Street: on Saturday, November 6, 19 of our members showed up at Buffalo State – shovels in hand - to plant 40+ trees along Grant Street. Trees included Eastern Redbud, Lindens, and Oaks. Cost: $1,457
*Muslim Wellness Center – Jami Masjid, 1955 Genesee Street. We presented a check for $3041 (half from our club, half to be matched by the District) to the new clinic on Genesee Street, for needed medical equipment.
*Providence Farm Collective – Empowering Just and Equitable Access to Food and Farmland; A Place to Share Cultural Farming Traditions and the Benefits of Nature Our club raised $1,387, which was matched by the district, enabling PFC to purchase a seed-spreader for their cooperative farm in Orchard Park.
* Shoreline Trail – Adopt a Trail segment from Vulcan St. @ Riverside Park to Hertel Ave. @ Tow Path Park (Approximately 1.2 miles). Our club has adopted that portion of the Niagara River–Greenway Trail along the Black Rock Canal. We have purchased benches that were placed along the Trailway ($2000) and we’re now planning clean-up and beautification projects in the spring.
Let There Be Light (LTBL) – 
In unelectrified rural Uganda, clinics are only open during daylight hours, and homes are lit with dirty and costly candles or kerosene lamps. In collaboration with the non-profit LTBL ( we are raising funds to support a grant that will provide solar electrification for a rural clinic in Uganda, and provide every new mother with a solar light. We were at the point of applying for a Global Grant for the project, but the pandemic made communication with our partners in Uganda spotty or impossible. We had to withdraw the application. The cost of a lamp is $10.
*Our club’s contributions in these cases, described above, will be matched 1:1 by our Rotary District.
Mail a check to:
Buffalo Sunrise Rotary Foundation
620 West Ferry Street
Buffalo, NY  14222

We greatly appreciate your support for our programs, both locally and internationally.
Every dollar donated is 100% tax-deductible, will go to our 501(c)3, and will be used entirely to support our service projects.
___ $25 (could buy a helmet, inner tubes, or a lock for a bike)
___ $50 (could supply solar-powered lamps to 5 homes without electricity in Uganda)
___ $100 (could buy a wheelbarrow to be used by immigrant farmers at the Providence Farm Collective, growing fresh vegetables for their community)
___ $250 (could cover the cost of 7 beautiful trees planted along Grant Street)
___ $1000 for a donation of $1000, you can designate a person of your choice, who demonstrates “Service above Self”, to receive a Paul Harris Fellow award
___ $ other