May 07, 2024 7:30 AM
Darbie Maccubbin
Organize for Action WNY

Darbie Maccubbin is a retired scientist. She came to Buffalo in 1983 for a post-doctoral position at Roswell Park and ended up staying in Buffalo for 16 years - 10 years at Roswell and 6 at Villa Maria College. She then spent 10 years at Merck Pharmaceuticals in New Jersey and another 10 years as an independent regulatory writer.

Darbie first became politically active while living in Virginia, canvassing and phone-banking for Barack Obama during his second presidential run and for several state and local candidates.  She discovered Organize for Action WNY in 2018 after moving back to Buffalo and has been involved ever since.

Darbie and her husband, Lex, enjoy traveling, biking, hiking, gardening, and hanging out with their dogs, Neo and Retro. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Organize for Action WNY?
We are a non-profit, all volunteer organization. The Mission of Organize for Action WNY (OFAWNY) is to strengthen our democracy by creating a viable framework for positive,
progressive change through civil engagement at the local, state, and national level. We are fact based. All information that we share online or in print is verified. Realizing this mission is
grounded in grassroots action organized around core areas of concern involving:
• Voting Rights
• The Environment and Renewable Energy
• Civil Liberties
• Governance
• Support of Science and the Pursuit of Knowledge
• Education
• Health Care
• Human Rights
• Women’s Rights
• LGBTQ+ Rights
• Refugee/Immigrant Rights
• Racial and Economic Justice